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Did you use to go to the live casino after a busy working day to have a couple of drinks, relax and play slots, roulette, or poker? Do you miss the strained atmosphere full of excitement and drive? Sadly enough, online slots and applications for card games cannot fill that gap. But there is a solution – live casinos with live dealers. Now you can forget about playing with the mechanical machine and enjoy playing and interacting with real people. Now you can play against the real-life dealer from the casino.

How does it happen?

Live casino offers the same range of games available at land-based casinos. The selection of games may differ from casino to casino, but in most cases you will be surprised with a truly royal choice, including poker, roulette, dice, baccarat, blackjack, etc.

Live Casino

At the set time, you connect to a certain table and get acquainted with the dealer. Dealers are changed every 20-30 minutes. Once the table has enough players, the game starts.

Different live casinos may set different conditions for players. For example, some casinos require the players to set up a mic and web camera first. At other casinos, players can’t see one another, and the only camera is in the studio. To experience a full-fledged and exciting game with live dealers, you will need a stable high-speed Internet connection.

Advantages online live casino

For many live casino clients, the possibility to watch the dealer’s actions and movements is a crucial advantage. Especially for those players who doubt the integrity of the random number generator used in most gaming applications. Furthermore, video broadcast slows down the process a little, but this makes the whole thing even more exciting: you just can’t sit still while seeing how the cards are dealt or how the ball is spinning on the roulette wheel. Live dealers create the feeling of presence, which makes it possible for you to experience the emotions of a being in a land-based casino.

Live Casino

The players shouldn’t worry that the stream is recorded and the game is a cheat from the beginning to end. You can talk to the dealer or contact him/her and other players via online chat.

What do I need to enjoy live casino games?

To get maximum pleasure from visiting live casino, you need to take care of the following things:

  • Stable Internet connection
  • Connected mic and web camera
  • Comfortable conditions

You will have to adjust to the working schedule of the table. Moreover, the time to make bets and take other decisions is limited. So forget about going to the kitchen to fetch a cup of tea or a beer. Beginning players should play regular online games first, in order to remember the rules and и refine some steps. Such a training will help you stay focused during the game with other people. Outside noises may spoil the pleasure and break concentration, so use headphones, if needed.

Why do people distrust live casino?

All things new cause numerous questions, doubts, and suspicious attitude. Although their history started more than 20 years ago, live casino are no exception. As surprising as it may sound, for many common people and even some gamblers, online casino live are still terra incognita. But live casino industry already accounts for billions of dollars. According to experts, this amount will continue to grow as the industry will be getting more popular and gaining more fans.

Why do people distrust live casino?

One can hardly call online live casino reputation crystal clear. On most people’s minds, online gambling is associated with shady business, dishonesty, and illegal schemes.

It must be said that such a problem really exists, and its origins are well-known. In many countries, online gambling industry is operating in a pretty hectic and unregulated manner. There are no laws or bodies to monitor and regulate gaming businesses. The situation is a bit paradoxical. On one hand, multiple live casino are offering their services to clients; on the other hand, they may be violating the law.

Fortunately for ardent players, most European countries have already realized that fighting casino live online is totally useless. Instead of banning live online casino, European governments legalized gambling business and made respective amendments to their legislation.

From a European player’s perspective, online live casino is just one another form of entertainment, just like bookmakers or lotteries. Online casino live have special licenses issued by authoritative regulation bodies, while players’ rights are protected by law and regulatory organizations. Of course, there is always a risk of coming across a rogue online live casino. But let’s face it: you need to be totally naïve and inattentive to fall victim to swindlers.

Live casino games

In fact, online live casino are just a platform for gambling games. While there are hundreds of entertainment websites on the web, they do not offer a selection of gambling games due to lack of license and high-quality casino software.

On the other hand, casino live owners have all necessary licenses and top-class software to provide top class services.

Live casino games

A standard range of casino games include slot machines (at least several dozens), video poker, roulette, and blackjack. Further options include Keno, baccarat, dice, and many more. High-profile live casino feature all – or almost all – gambling games invented by the human race since ancient times till now.

Slots are invariably the most popular casino game among gamblers.

Bonuses and gifts at live online casino

One can talk about live online casino bonuses for days. Every casino operator is doing its best to attract new clients and preserve and encourage the existing ones. But tough competition makes it pretty hard. This is why bonuses are an effective way to separate your business from the rest and draw attention of potential clients.

Once a player registered with an online live casino and made the first deposit to their account, a casino encourages them with a signup bonus. A signup bonus is probably the largest reward you get from a casino. More valuable gifts are only given to highrollers.

Loyalty program is a smart method to preserve and motivate loyal clients. According to a loyalty program, the more bets a player is placing, the higher is their rating and the more profitable terms they’re using.

Bonuses and gifts at live online casino

More about live online casino

Any high-profile online casino features a section with live casino games, for example you might read TheCasinoDB site reviews. Unlike other gambling games, live casino features a live dealer.

The most popular live online casino games include roulette and blackjack tables. The number of tables depends popularity of a certain casino live among players. A small live casino may offer 2-3 tables, while a large casino have several dozens of tables with live dealers (croupiers).

Via video- and audio broadcast, you can see what is happening at the table in a casino studio. A player can see a play table with a dealer in all detail. Like in a land-based casino, a live casino a game may have several players.

How to pick the right live casino

To start enjoying live gambling, you need to choose a live casino first. The choice is almost endless, and many live casino offer favorable terms. This means that you’ll have to compare different casinos to make the right choice. Choose your internet casino provider carefully if you are going to wager real money in a live casino. 

We think that live casino reviews may be of great help to you. Such reviews must be honest, unbiased, and advertising-free. Live casino ratings are also a powerful source of information.

How to pick the right live casino

But along with using reviews and top casino lists, you will have to check a couple of things yourself.

First and foremost, a live casino must have a license issued by a respectable regulatory gaming authority. Second, a casino must have flawless reputation. Third, it must run on high-quality software from top-class manufacturers. If all the above requirements are met, you can be sure that such a casino will only bring you joy instead of disappointment.

Offline casino vs live casino

Rapidly increasing popularity of live casino does not mean that land-based casinos went bankrupt and are about to close. Gambling market is continuing to expand, and land-based casinos account for about 90% of casino niche. Here we are talking about legalized casinos that pay taxes and do fair business.

When comparing traditional and live casino, it will turn out that they share more common features than differences. The main thing is that both casino types offer a great opportunity to enjoy gambling and communicating with live dealers and other players.

Since the times of the very first online casinos, players were dreaming of live dealers. While slot machines do not need dealers at all, blackjack and roulette are not as exciting without live dealers/croupiers.

With the development of high technologies and high-speed Internet connection, live casino online started to conquer the diverse world of online gambling.

At live casino online, players can participate in a live casino game via live HD broadcast. With high quality of audio and video, live casinos can successfully imitate their land-based rivals. You immerse yourself fully in a one-of-a-kind atmosphere of a traditional casino. If you’re using a big display or TV, the difference between real-life and virtual game is becoming almost indiscernible.

Live dealers at live casino take bets, distribute chips, communicate with players, and enjoy well-earned compliments. Online casinos finally provide live interaction that so many players are yearning for.

Along with dealers, live casino online have higher minimum bets. But this is only fair pay for excitement and emotions experienced at live casino online.

License and high-quality software at live casino online

A license is a major requirement to any casino live. Even a license issued by some offshore state is better than a complete lack thereof. Furthermore, if a live casino online does not have any license, it won’t be able to use software from trusted manufacturers. Very cautious and scrupulous, online casino software developers avoid working with shady casinos.

License and high-quality software at live casino online

High-quality live casino games

All software developers are doing their best to produce exciting and original live casino games. But as you know, tastes differ. To avoid disappointment and frustration, you should test some games in demo mode before registering with a casino live and making your first deposit. If you are satisfied with quality and selection of casino games, feel free to add money to your live casino online account.

How to make your first deposit

We recommend you to start with a small amount. Remember that you won’t get a big bonus on a small deposit, though. At live casino online, the size of your bonus depends on the size of your first deposit. Bear that in mind when crediting your account for the first time. The second deposit may not bring you any bonuses at all.