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Everything you should know about live casino bonuses


A signup bonus (aka welcome bonus) is a nice surprise awaiting every newly registered player.

To get a signup bonus, you need to make the first deposit to your live casino account. Note that the size of your bonus and the size of your deposit are directly correlated. The larger the deposit, the more money you’ll get from live casino online.

If your selected live casino is an honest and trustworthy company, you can make a pretty big first deposit to get more money from the casino.

All this sounds too good to be true, right? The truth is that live casinos do not distribute money among their clients for free. A casino wouldn’t give you free bonuses unless it is beneficial for them. A bonus on your account is not entirely yours. You cannot withdraw this money to your credit card, e-wallet, or bank account. Not until you release it, i.e. fulfill wagering requirements on this bonus. Bear in mind that wagering requirements are very tough, and few players succeed in cashing out their bonuses.

Everything you should know about live casino bonuses

Back in the day, casino bonus systems were abused by reckless gamblers known as “bonus hunters.” Having learnt the lesson the hard way, casinos introduced a strict set of rules that prevents players from withdrawing their bonus money. So don’t get your hopes too high every time you get a $500 or $1,000 bonus. You can bet this money all you want but you’ll have to sweat in order to cash it out.

When picking a live casino, be sure to read their bonus terms and playthrough requirements. Big bonuses are not always a good thing. It’s not uncommon that smaller bonuses come with milder wagering requirements.

Furthermore, you should find out about bonus programs for loyal clients. If you’re adamant about releasing your welcome bonus, you must be willing to become a loyal client at your selected live casino. Loyal clients are entitled to VIP treatment. They get access to various special offers that enhance their gambling opportunities.

If you prefer to bet big and risk it all, find out how live casinos encourage highrollers. Do not hesitate to contact user support and ask if you’re eligible for VIP offers. Live casinos value loyal clients and do their best to keep them happy.