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Land-based Casino vs Live Casino


Let’s try to compare what the player is offered at brick-and-mortar casino and at live casino. In this article, we will answer the question of how to win at live casino. Are the strategies developed for land-based casinos also applicable for live casinos? Or are there any limitations?

From the perspective of winning strategies and chances for applying systems, live casino has the following differences.

Card games at live casino

In card games (except for blackjack), the dealer shuffles cards after each deal. At land-based casino, cards are also shuffled, but in a more simple way. The dealer makes the so-called shammy shuffle only after a large winning combination (full house, mostly). Thus the dealer minimizes the possibility of the winning combination coming up again. When playing blackjack, you should watch the dealer’s actions closely. If after a deal the old deck is replaced with a new one and removed to shuffle machine, card counting strategies are useless. Despite the fact that Netent live casino doesn’t replace the deck now, the situation may change any moment. So stay alert.

Land-based Casino vs Live Casino

Roulette at live casino

The dealer starts the ball from other numbers. According to the classic roulette rules, the ball must be started from the last winning number. Those players, who detected patterns in how the dealer spins the ball, have increased chances to guess the next winning sector. As a rule, at live casino croupier girls are sitting above the wheel and push the ball from different numbers and sections. Watch the croupier’s hand during a throw. If you are using any strategies, you need to see from which number the ball starts spinning.

Changing dealers at live casino

Large wins or losses are not a reason to change the dealer. At land-based casinos, the dealer is changed in order to break the player’s winning streak. Or the dealer may stay for the second “shift” lasting for 20 minutes. At live casino dealers are changed strictly by time. It may be explained by the fact that the casino has to serve hundreds of players simultaneously.

As you can see, there are not so many differences. But there are things worth your attention, though. If you suppose that live casino is the same as land-based casino, except for the way of receiving visual information, you can apply all strategies developed for land-based casinos.