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Live casino dealer: Enemy or Friend?


In different countries and different times, players’ attitude to dealers at land-based and live casinos has varied greatly. Dealers are either respected, or despised and insulted. Nevertheless, if a player plays against a live casino, he views a croupier as his opponent, who wants to beat him and take all of his money. Let’s try to find out whether this is true.

Who are live casino dealers (croupiers)?

Firstly, you need to understand that croupiers at live casino occupy the same position as waiters at a restaurant. They offer visitor the services which they do not produce. They do not contribute to developing rules, lotteries, special offers, bonuses, etc. They just participate in the game and follow instructions to the letter. In most cases, they can’t make their own decisions.

Live casino dealer: Enemy or Friend?

What are croupier’s capabilities?

On the other hand, it’s erroneous to think that live dealers can’t affect the course of the game in any way. By hitting a certain section with a ball, a professional croupier can nullify your attempts to follow the optimal strategy. At live blackjack, a croupier can cut a little more or a little fewer cards, which affects usefulness of your card counting. Even in poker, a dealer can shuffle cards way too elaborately, which can break players’ plans.

Therefore, we would recommend you not to confront dealers: comfort of the playing process depends on them. Even if you think that a dealer does his/her best to beat you and show you his/her excellence, remember that he/she is just doing his/her work.

Does a live casino dealer profit from beating a player?

Let’s talk about whether it’s profitable for a dealer to beat players. Different live casinos may have different principles that manage the work of their dealers. Some live casinos think that croupiers must not be interested in the result so that they are respectful and polite towards clients. Indeed, if a dealer earns a fixed amount of money plus tips, he/she won’t be concerned about a loss. The main goal of some dealers is to make clients like them. Knowing that, live casino administration introduces various kinds of encouragement (bonuses, rewards, tips for achieving certain results, etc.).

If a dealer gets a share of live casino’s profit, you shouldn’t count on his/her mercy. As tips are rare (if any at all), such dealers will do their best to beat a player. Fortunately, that practice is typical for small casinos rather than world-famous live casinos.