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Казино онлайн

Live Casino. Fair Play Roulette With Live Casino Dealers


Online casino has many pros against land-based casino. The gamer can play using his own PC or cell phone, the limits of stake are very adorable and the percent of return is quite high. There is only one real problem – all games are virtual. The gamer has no possibility to check the faith of draw in casino online because he can’t touch the cards, table or chips. He sees only graphic interface of computer program.

Live casino dealers can solve this problem. When player sees real man who manage the game the credibility grow.

Player’s suspicions

Usually live casino roulette is preferred by conservative gamblers for whom programs with random number generators look suspicious. Lots of people don’t want to understand how those games work. They wish to see real table, real roulette ring and real dealer who accept bets. That’s all. Otherwise they don’t believe in fair play.

Live Casino. Fair Play In Roulette With Live Casino Dealers

Honesty of live casino games

The roulette with live dealer at live casino allows to assuage doubts. Player see a real equipment and can observe a game table, a wheel or even a ball. It becomes easier to believe in fair play when you see the real game, not the computer program.

Of course, unfair live casino dealer can attach, for example, a magnet from a reverse side of a wheel to stop the ball on a certain sector. However dealer in land-based casino can do the same thing. Anyway you need to find casino with good reputation. So, it’s not a problem of live roulette or live dealers at live casino.

The player wants to see the draw and service of live casino games gives him such possibility. HD video broadcasting satisfied this inquiry. Gamblers receive visual confirmation to that no rules are violated and nothing prevents a ball to rotate in a wheel. Another important thing is what there is no random number generator.

Pros of roulette with live casino dealer

Liv dealer in online casino manage game just as well as his colleague from land-based casino. It would be no exaggeration to say that live dealer changed virtual roulette at live casino. He accepts bets, distributes wins, gives advices to gamblers and answers the questions about a game. Players can talk with each other. In other words, live roulette allows to transfer game conditions from land-based casino to casino online.