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Game Pace At Live Casino


Unlike, following a certain strategy or savvy money management, pace of the game at live casino may seem an insignificant matter to you. While studying mathematical calculations or creating complicated formulae, many players ignore pace of the game. However, this is an important issue which requires your attention.

Why casinos prefer high game pace

In most games, live casino’s edge amounts to a couple of per cent (or even less than 1 per cent). This is why live casinos introduced high game pace in order to receive profits as fast as possible. High pace is achieved through various methods: special rules to accelerate tempo of the game, staff training, eiminating details which slow down the playing process, etc. Special role is played by shuffle machines that shuffle cards much faster than dealers, which significantly increases the game pace. Roulette dealers are trained to handle chips and calculate payouts as fast as possible and spin a ball so that it made a certain number of revolutions before dropping.

Game Pace At Live Casino

Such live casino tricks are hidden behind the idea of improving clients’ comfort. But reality is different: the faster you play, the faster will a live casino implement its mathematical edge and empty your pockets. Furthermore, you will make more mistakes and deviate from your optimal strategy. You will find it harder to count cards and concentrate.

How to slow down high game pace set by live dealers

Slowing down fast game pace is not as difficult as it may seem. Avoid tables with shuffle machines. Let a dealer shuffle cards. Do not make a decisions right after a dealer’s question. Remember that you have a right to think everything over. If you are being hurried up, feel free to ask questions, even if you know answers to them.

In blackjack, you can join the table with other players. Try to choose blackjack played with one deck, if possible.

It’s easy to slow down game pace in poker as well. Poker is a slow game per se. If you think over every single step, you will benefit from the pace a dealer is keeping. No one will take away your cards, so avoid making hasty decisions.

Making a croupier make longer spins with a roulette ball is rather difficult. Asking him/her not to make a spin until you make a bet is risky, because he/she may aim at an empty spot. To turn tables on such a croupier, you need to make section and neighbor bets. Section and neighbor bets are made fast and accepted by a croupier himself. Game pace will be slowed down and now it’s you who can hurry him/her up.