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Live Casino. Game With Live Dealers: Pros and Cons


Nowadays the service of live casino dealers is a typical attribute of modern gambling. Live games from exclusive turn into usual entertainment of good casino.

Live casino dealers became much closer to players than a few years ago. In the nearest future service of live games will become even wider and will capture most gamers. So it’s time to learn what pros and cons live games possess.

Farewell, free rates

The first thing we want to draw attention to is there are no free stakes in live games. The dealer will not start the game without real money. It is hardly surprising considering high-paid dealer's work. Casino’s owners are interested in receiving a profit from live games. It’s necessary to add that organization of such form of entertainment also costs much. Unfortunately, you have to forget about the free gambling.

Live Casino. Game with live dealers: pros and cons

Limited time for a stake

Every live game has its own rules and time limits for stakes. Therewith at one game table can gather several players and the time for stakes is limited. If you don’t manage to make a stake in a few seconds, game will proceed without you. Nobody wait forever. Usually the player has 45-60 seconds to make a stake.

Game with several participants

Situation, when one live dealer serves several gamblers on one table is quite widespread. Maybe it’s not a disadvantage of live games, but many people like to play alone. The interested audience usually gathers around the table in the land-based casinos and nobody seem to care. Be not surprised if the dealer at first accepts a stake from someone else, and only then will pass to you.

High limits for stakes

Small stakes in live games are not supported. The low limit in games with live dealers is much higher as against video slots, for example. Work of the dealer is favorable when players make average or high stakes. Low stakes (1-50 cents) in live games are unprofitable for casino’s owners.

Socializing at live casino

Standard casino games are intended for one player only. So there is no possibility to communicate with others gamblers. In live games you always have an opportunity to talk with dealer or with other participants.

The feeling of real game

The player sees each step of the dealer and can control all his actions. For those gamblers who worry about deception in casino online visual supervision will help to calm down.

It is always pleasure to see the real game. Maybe, it’s the main advantage of live games.