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How to Beat Live Casino Dealer


Every player must know the most popular methods to beat a land-based roulette – such as watching wheel deviations, detecting the croupier’s pattern, and visual ballistics. Here we won’t talk about how useful those methods are. Is it possible to apply such tricks at live casino roulette with live dealers offered by many leading online casinos.

Idea behind roulette tricks

Each of the above-mentioned tricks has nothing to do with mathematical or physical aspect of roulette. This is why the player doesn’t have to make complex calculations. To detect deficiencies of the roulette wheel, determine the croupier’s pattern or follow the path of the roulette ball, the player needs to be extremely watchful and have sharp vision.

If you have ever tried to detect roulette deviations, you know how hard it is – even if you are standing close to the wheel. For example, you may have to look at it at a certain angle in order to see flecks on the sectors of the wheel.

Beat a live casino dealer? Is it possible to beat a live casino dealer?

To determine the croupier’s pattern, you need to see from which number he launches the ball, intensity with which he spins the wheel in both directions, what material the ball is made of and what diameter it has, etc.

However, all that information does not give the player a noticeable advantage, because the probability of error is too high. This is why many people doubt usefulness of such methods and consider them myths.

But let’s suppose a player has perfect skills in using those methods. What is he to expect if he tries to apply them at live casino roulette with live dealers? It’s worth noting that the player will have to use up all his abilities. There are several reasons to this.

Quality of live broadcasts

Live casinos, which offer games with live dealers, are constantly improving the quality of their live broadcasts. Still, one can’t say that the quality is flawless. Even if your high-speed Internet works flawlessly, the image may still freeze up from time to time. Furthermore, low definition prevents the player from seeing the playing process in every detail.

Even at land-based casino, it’s very hard to notice slights details which the casino staff missed. Noticing them on the screen seems impossible.

Video recording at live casino

The playing process at live casino is recorded at the same angle, with slight changes. The maximum you can count on is a close-up of some part of the wheel. It’s not enough to distinguish any mechanical deficiencies, though.

Studio level

State-of-the-art studios, from which live games are broadcast, are financially supported by large companies. The studios themselves do not have enough money to buy expensive video equipment or employ professional croupiers. Furthermore, studio croupiers and dealers do not have direct interaction with players, which allows them to focus on their work. All those factors minimize the possibility of detecting roulette deficiencies.