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How to Increase Your Winning Chances at Online Roulette in Live Casino


Roulette in live casino has always been a special online casino game. You can hardly imagine any online casino without this exciting and entertaining gambling game. Some online casinos offer roulette with live dealers that make the game even more realistic.

Besides an exciting and immersive gameplay, roulette offers pretty high winning chances. This article answers the question whether you can increase your chances to succeed at roulette.

Analyzing roulette results

According to the probabilty theory, if a roulette ball hit red sectors nine consecutive times, chances are high that it will hit a black sector the tenth time. This simple and logical statement form the basis of software products that help player make roulette bets. Any online casino player can install such an application on his or her computer. It would not be considered any kind of live casino rules breach.

How to Increase Your Winning Chances at Online Roulette in Live Casino

The software records roulette results. Based on this data, it tells a player which sectors have highest chances to win. For an accurate and reliable analysis, the software needs to process a pretty large number of results (a hundred at least). Collecting such statistical data at online live casinos is not a difficult task.

At first, it may seem that such applications can really increase your chances to win at roulette. This is not true, though. Random number generators used by online live casinos create a huge number of combinations per a unit of time. Just one of those combinations determines a winning sector or number. Having no access to those combinations, the application suggests that just one set of number is generated for every round.

Winning strategies

Different strategies are yet another popular way of increasing your winning chances. Some of them were developed especially for roulette and are used by online casino players on a regular basis.

Some of the strategies are pretty complicated and tricky. They confuse players without explaining all risks related to applying them. In reality, no such strategy can increase your winning chances. The rules for online live casino roulette are designed in such a way that no player could enjoy the advantage of any kind. To make sure that applying strategies is useless, you can either analyze your selected strategy, or test it out in demo mode.