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The Largest Online Jackpot


Why does online gambling attract and entice so many casino players? Of course, some casino games are very interesting and exciting per se. Players are attracted by the opportunity to try out their elusive luck and prove their strategies and systems. Moreover, the chance to win money is another effective bait for people. Both online and land-based casinos give their clients that opportunity. The playing process on the online casino website is going very fast, and if the player is lucky enough, they may snatch a pretty large sum of money in just two or three hours. And, of course, many players are hoping to win a generous jackpot.

What is a jackpot at online casinos?

Some games offer a special prize called progressive jackpot. Thos prize is the amount of money that is constantly increasing, with more and more money being added to it. This money are parts of bets made by casino players. Mostly, jackpot is winnings that the players gets if they hit three identical symbols on the slot’s reels. However, this happens not very often. Meanwhile, the amount of progressive jackpot is growing, until some lucky player becomes its rightful owner.

How much was the largest jackpot

They say that the largest online progressive jackpot was win by the player whose nickname was Obaesso. Obaesso played at the online casino called Intercasino. Playing at one of Cryptologis’s Millionaire’s Club slots, the lucky player snatched a $6,000,000 jackpot. Not bad, huh? It should be noted that the slots of that series are pretty generous with their jackpots.

Cryptologis’s Millionaire’s Club slots

How to win a jackpot?

Of course, no player can keep winning large jackpots all the time. Collecting a large pool of money requires some time. All you have to do is to start playing and hope for the best. The best chances to win are given by those slots that have not paid a jackpot for quite a long time. In that case, the probability theory must work in player’s favor. Cryptologis’s Millionaire’s Club slots at Intercasino or Playboy online casino pay out jackpots pretty frequently.

What else should you know about jackpots?

In order to stand a chance of winning a jackpot, the player must make a maximum bet accepted at the slot they are playing. Otherwise, it would be a painful experience: imagine that you hit a jackpot and won’t be able to get it. Of course, you must understand that you may fail. Do not get upset if you lost and the enticing jackpot missed your pocket.