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Live Casino. Curious Features Casino With Live Dealers


Some time ago one American research group conducted examination of gambling market. Experts tried to clarify major downsides of casino online. The lack of communication appeared to be one of major factors that disappoint gamblers.

Surveyed gamblers mentioned that they need more verbal interaction with dealers and managers of casino online. The same pretension was pointed by people who are interested in internet gambling but don’t participate in it.

Nowadays lots of casinos online support live casino games with real dealers. This new service allowed to solve the problem with lack of communication and feedback.

Live Casino. Curious Features Casino With Live Dealers

In live casino games players can talk with each other and with dealer. Of course there are certain rules which cannot be violated during conversation. For example in blackjack you have no right to open information about your cards or to help other gamblers. However harmless dialogues are welcomed.

The cost of participation in live casino games is higher in comparison with usual gambling. The chances for win are the same but the stake’s limits are bigger. In order to organize live casino games casino’s owners need to make some investments in equipment and software. Also it is necessary to pay a salary to dealers and operating personnel. For some players service of the live casino can be too expensive.

However you can easily find a table with more favorable conditions for live casino game. Owners of casinos online try to attract as many gamblers as possible. So live casino games with low stake’s limits are not rare. Of course minimal bet in live casino roulette is higher as against usual games.

Casino online with the real croupiers can offer communication, and this is main advantage over usual virtual games. The player does not feel lonely. He hears and sees the dealer, can hear and see other gamblers and he can watch the game process. Many gamblers refuse to bet in live casino online if they don’t see real gameplay.