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How To Make Live Casino Dealer Make Mistakes


This article will tell you how to make a live casino dealer make mistakes. As examples, we will take blackjack and other games, where a players interacts with a dealer.

Build good relations with a live casino dealer

First of all, make a live dealer like you. That can be achieved through several strategies. For example, be generous with compliments about your dealer’s appearance and professional skills. Remind the dealer that nobody is perfect and everyone can make a mistake. Sympathize with a live casino dealer, even if there are no obvious reasons for that. That will make him/her relaxed or even negligent.

How To Make Live Casino Dealer Make Mistakes

Stay on dealers’ side and protect them in the course of conversation. Stick to the main idea that dealers are good fellows, while the casino should change their politics. Be ready, though, that some dealer are deeply devoted to their casinos (or at least, make others believe so). In such a case, agree with them and compliment everything about the casino.

Do not distinguish yourself among other players

The above-mentioned tips are meant to help you build good relations with a dealer and encourage him/her to make a mistake. But remember to do that mildly and unobtrusively, without attracting attention. If you’re losing, avoid being too friendly or – on the contrary - rude and insulting. If you’re winning, feel free to express joy. Behave like an ordinary player without any mean thought on his mind.

If other player at the table noticed a dealer’s mistake and pointed out at it, you should switch to another table. Try not do that obviously, though. But if a dealer noticed his/her mistake himself/herself, do not hurry to leave: the mistake may make him/her nervous, which may lead to another mistake.