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Казино онлайн

Live casino evolution


The first genuine live casino was launched in 1995 by the well-known Microgaming, the leading gaming software provider. Online gambling eliminated the need for live dealers. Gamblers got the opportunity to play multiple casino games operated by complex computer algorithms. Some time later, online gambling welcomed live dealers back, reinventing a classical brick-and-mortar casino experience.

Despite all benefits of online gambling, many online casino clients lacked live interaction. Along with experiencing bright emotions, a person also needs to share them with others. Live casinos online solved the problem by making online gambling more realistic. It’s safe to say that live casinos bridged the gap between online and land-based casinos.

Over the last few years, the number of online casinos with live gambling options has been on the rise. Nowadays, every respectable online casino offers a selection of live games.

Live casino evolution

A live game is broadcast from a room designed to look like land-based casino premises. Special technologies create the illusion of space casino interiors and get players “up close” to the action. A live game features a real-life dealer, play table, cards, roulette wheel, and other gambling-related items. Few low-profile online casinos have their own studios to provide premium live gambling services. For the most part, they tend to outsource live gambling services to special companies.

The same roulette game may involve players from different online casinos. Live dealers have no difficulty working with clients from different gaming websites. However, to facilitate communication, the same table usually features players from the same country or region. It’s not uncommon, though, that players come from different countries and the dealer has to talk to each of them in their native language. Along with industry-specific skills, a professional dealer can fluently speak several languages.

Along with live interaction, the thing that attracts gamblers is the possibility to watch the game and follow every movement of the dealer. A live game has no computer-generated images. Everything you see on the screen is real. Live casino is the closest you can get to visiting a traditional casino.

When it comes to live casino games, gamblers are offered a striking range of benefits you won’t find at a standard online casino. Se be prepared to pay more for exclusive services. Live casinos offer higher bet limits compared to their online counterparts. While this may be a problem for a common player’s budget, highrollers will be happy to have a bigger playground for their ambitions.