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Live Casino. Live Casino Games


In pursuit to meet the needs of its clients –especially those who consider themselves land-based casino fans – online casinos are expanding their range of entertainment services through live dealer games. In this article, we will look at how playing with live dealers is different from traditional online gambling.

As you may already know, online casino games are often criticized for lack of credibility, which means that players find it hard to believe that software can generate random ad unbiased results. At the same time, players would hardly be able to understand a programming code if shown to them as proof. In order to retain their valuable clients, online casinos introduced games with live dealers.

Live dealers at online casinos

A live dealer manages the game and uses traditional casino accessories, including cards, chips, and other. Although the dealer may be in a studio thousands of miles away from a player, the game is broadcast via HD cameras onto a player’s screen. For a player, it feels like he and his dealer are in the same room. By using a microphone, a player can talk to a dealer and other players participating in the game.

Live Casino. Live Casino Games

Online casinos

Live dealer games attests to high status and credibility of online casino. To make live games available to its clients, a casino must obtain cutting-edge and expensive equipment and hire professional dealers who will be working 24/7. Playing against live dealers – especially on highly reputable betting platforms – is absolutely safe. No swindlers to worry about.

Curious facts about live casino games

Live dealer games are available to any player. However, due to higher operational and organizational costs, live games set higher bets. To avoid disappointment and stress during the game, we recommend you to clear up this issue in advance.

Live dealers are mostly good-looking young girls. As most casino clients are male, casinos hope that they will spend more time – and money, of course – playing against a charming opponent.