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Live Casino Roulette with Live Dealers from Playtech


Each live casino offering games with live dealers has a live roulette. Live roulette manufactured by Playtech is one of the best roulettes with live dealers in the gambling industry. Let’s take a closer look at this roulette at live casino Slots Heaven Casino.

Live casino roulette from Playtech: General description

Live casino roulette from Playtech is a classical European roulette with typical rules. The player can bet on one, two, three, four, six, or twelve numbers. Furthermore, available bets include bets on dozens, columns, red/black, high/low, odd/even. All payouts are done according to standard coefficients. The player can make neighbor bets and sector bets.

The playing process is very similar to classical roulette at land-based casino. The player plays against a real-life croupier, but his/her functions are rather limited. All he/she does is make the ball spinning. After the winning number becomes known, winnings are transferred to the player’s account.

Live Casino Roulette with Live Dealers from Playtech

Game interface

Live casino roulette with live dealers from Playtech has a user-friendly and functional interface. The interface window is divided into the upper and lower areas.

The upper area is a live broadcast from the studio with live dealers. When the player points at the window with the mouse, he sees three buttons – two on the left and one on the right. The first button on the left stops broadcast, while the second one switches between the general plan and top view of the wheel.

The button on the right switches between regular mode and video mode. In video mode, there is no image of the field and fewer toolbars.

The left panel shows the size of bet, winnings, recent winning numbers, and other statistics.

The right panel shows the time available for making bets, bet limits, and information on big winnings. On that panel, you can open a chat window.

Right under the screen, there is a field where players make bets by using chips of the nominal value they chose. The button Neighbors opens the window with roulette track used to make Neighbor bets. The button Special opens the dialog window for special bets.

Live casino roulette from Playtech: To play or not to play?

Roulette with live dealers at live casino from Playtech offers high-quality video broadcasts, a wide range of settings, and user-friendly toolbars. Every user can set the interface according to his/her preferences.

You can enjoy the company of beautiful lady croupiers from Latvia-located Playtech studio. Croupiers are available via online chat. The playing process keeps up a pretty fast tempo, because bets are made within 30 seconds.

This live roulette is a great choice for every player who loves live casinos with live dealers.