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Live Casino Roulette Variations


From the very moment of its invention, roulette has been one of the most popular live casino game among gamblers all over the world. In the times when the gambling world was presented by land-based casinos only, roulette attracted lots of players. Today, roulette is still incredibly popular at online live casinos. There are several roulette variations. Only at online casinos, you can try out all versions of that amazing and old gambling game.

American and European live casino roulette

American and European live casino roulettes are the two most popular roulette variations. It is obvious that the European roulette is more spread in Europe, while its American counterpart is mostly played in the casinos on North American continent.

Live Casino Roulette Variations

The main difference between American and European roulettes is the number of cells on the roulette wheel. European roulette has 37 cells – 1 through 36 and a zero cell. The house edge is 2.7%. The player can not bet on zero. If the ball hits zero cell, the live casino takes all bets.

American roulette has 37 cells on the wheel: instead of one zero cell, it has two of them. If the ball hits any of the two zero cells, the live casino wins. This is way the American roulette offers a whopping 5.26% house edge, which makes it less beneficial for the player compared to the European roulette. This is why American roulette is less popular among casino players.

French live casino roulette

In European live casinos, you may come across another variation called French roulette. Like the European version, French roulette has 37 cells. However, the rules are a bit different. For example, if the ball hits zero, the players that bet on equal money, get back half of their bets. Equal money bets are: red/black, even/odd, and higher/lower. As even in case of loss the player gets a part of their money back, French roulette is rather popular among players. However, French roulette is offered by few online live casinos. Moreover, all inscriptions on the screen are in French, which is very inconvenient for those who do not know that language. In addition, the background is green and the numbers are not divided into green and red ones, which makes it difficult for beginning players to distinguish them.

Mini roulette

Mini roulette is a very interesting and original live casino roulette variation. Due to a small number of cells on the roulette wheel, mini roulette had a large house edge. While its European and American counterparts have 37 and 38 cells, accordingly, mini roulette has as few as 13 cells – 1 through 12 and a traditional zero cell. Like in the classical roulette, if the ball hits zero, the house wins. Thus, the house edge offered by mini roulette is about 8%, which is very high and unbeneficial for the player. Mini roulette has one important feature that differs it from other roulette variations: there is no maximum bet, which is good for the player. On the other hand, the high house edge decreases the player’s chances to win. This is why it is very difficult to say which roulette variation you should choose – classical ones or mini roulette. When playing roulette, stay reasonable and remember that winning at roulette is pretty hard.