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Live Casino. How to Choose Live Dealer Casino


Along with mobile casino games, games with live dealers are a major and fast-evolving trend in the world of online gambling. An ever-increasing number of casinos are introducing live dealer services in pursuit to entertain their clients and provide smooth and immersive user experience.

So what can a live dealer game offer to a player?

A live game is managed by a real person. In roulette and blackjack, live dealer is an integral part of play process.

In a live dealer game, a casino client is playing against a live dealer, instead of some invisible machine. A live dealer keeps a player company, takes bets, shuffles cards, moves chips across the table, and does many other things to recreate a realistic experience of visiting a land-based casino.

Although a player and a dealer may be thousands of miles away from each other, all elements of the game are absolutely real, including table, chips, cards, roulette wheel, and – most importantly – dealer, or croupier. You can hardly notice a difference between playing against a live dealer and visiting a brick-and-mortar casino.

How to Choose Live Dealer at Live Casino

Any live casino game is impossible without live video streaming from a studio, where a dealer is working. A player can see his dealer, table and room. If you turn on the sound on your computer, you can also hear relaxing music and distant background noises.

A player and a live dealer interact via a microphone. A player can use a web camera to let a dealer see him. Moreover, several players can join in a video conference to be able to see each other.

Live dealer games are available on mobile devices as well. Although such services are only provided by few online casino operators, this is a fast-evolving trend.

To be able to enjoy live dealer games, a player needs to have a fast and stable Internet connection. This is not a problem nowadays, though.

The thing that worries gamblers much more is a betting range applied in live games. In live casino games, bets are higher that in traditional online games. Making a bet of several cents is a no-go here.

You need to pay more to get access to a higher level of service. For live dealer games, increased bets look like a fair enough requirement.