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Live Casino. Safety of Your Money at Live Casinos


One of the first questions players ask when choosing a live casino is the level of safety and transparency of a virtual operator. It's unlikely that any player would agree to have his/her money lost at live casino without a trace.

What's more discouraging is that players would have no real options to change the situation. And if money disappear, it would be hardly possible to bring the case to court. This is the reason a lot of players do not trust live casinos and give preference to land based casinos.

On the other hand, the number of obviously fraud live casinos is insignificant. To make a deposit at such casinos, players need to be completely careless or have absolutely no knowledge of the process of choosing a high quality live casino.

Live Casino. Safety of Your Money at Live Casinos

But overwhelming majority of money disappearing from players' casino account cases do not involve any live casino wrongdoing. It's rather the players' fault.

Reasons of Money Loss at Live Casinos

Too simple passwords, playing from someone's computer, loss of a cell phone or a tablet with live casino application, other people accessing your computer, viruses and spy software - it's a far from complete list of most frequent reasons why live casino money disappear. Another reason can be that a player is paying absolutely no attention to the bet sizes and the number of bets.

Talking about the level of live casino security, we need to mention that overall it's quite tight. There are no differences between live casino and major online store or bank securities. All financial transactions are secure and money is transferred appropriately. Moreover, players receive money to their casino account almost instantly. If something goes wrong, players can at least contact bank, payment system or live casino through customer support service and ask to clarify the situation.

It's worth to mention that withdrawal requests at live casinos usually take several days to process. Moreover, as players wait, they get notifications on their email or cell phone. It is done in order to give gamers chances of canceling unauthorized withdrawal requests.