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Казино онлайн

Live Casino. Online Casino With Live Dealers: Benefits and Drawbacks


It seems that service of live casino games with real dealers becomes more and more popular among players. The high-speed Internet allows to organize HD video broadcast with good sound quality. To some extent, it erases a difference between a land-based casino and its virtual variant.

Choosing between capability to gamble with live dealers or without them, players very often prefer first alternative. Even though live game is not interesting to you, please, try it. Live dealers have some important advantages as against AI.

Live Casino Advantages

Online live casinos with real dealers usually promptly develop, offering new services and options to their customers.

As the organization of live casino games requires not only the trained professionals, but also the special equipment and software, considerable monetary costs and advanced security systems, owners of such casinos try to do their best to offer premium service. Continuous introduction of new technologies and options allows them to keep competitiveness.

Live Casino. Online casino with live dealers: benefits and drawbacks

The casinos based on usual games without dealers in the majority simply wait for the next software updating from the supplier. Such gambling projects develop at the expense of bonuses and advertising, without offering anything essentially new.

Live casino is a new thing in gambling. The player receives new impressions, new emotions and experience, he can communicate with the dealer and with other participants. His feelings from game are similar to that arise in a land-based casino.

Nowadays, you can see live casino dealers even in mobile applications. High speed data transmission allows to participate in live casino games quite comfortably. Besides, modern smartphones by the compute capacity are capable to replace the average 5-years old PC.

Limitations of live games

Games with live dealers have only one essential shortcoming – higher limits for stakes in comparison with usual games. You have no chance to start live casino game with 1$ on your account. In a casino different requirements to the minimum rates applied, but they are anyway higher as compared to slots or video poker.