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Live Dealer’s Mistakes In Player’s Favor


Card counting is considered a reliable method designed to beat live casino’s mathematical edge in blackjack. But every person, who tried to apply that method, knows that it’s extremely difficult. The main reason is that casinos know about that method and even give some players an opportunity to apply card counting in order to.make some kind of advertising for themselves. But any professional, for whom card counting is a source of income, will be forced to leave the casino. You won’t go far by relying on card counting only. You need to apply other methods to increase your edge. Using dealer’s mistakes is one of such methods.

It’s up to you to decide whether this method is ethical or not. Most seasoned players, however, use such gifts of fate without giving it second though and refuse to consider their behavior inappropriate.

Live Dealer’s Mistakes In Player’s Favor

Right live casino

Firstly, you need to choose the right live casino to play at. Choose live casinos with novice dealers, overcrowded live casino, or live casinos where the same dealers serve different tables. It’s a good thing to join the table when a dealer is finishing his/her shift.

Right live dealer

After choosing a suitable live casino, pay attention to its dealers and try to choose a table with dealers that attracted your attention. Those can be chaotic and unprofessional employees who look unhappy and unsatisfied with their job. Too young or too old croupiers are a good choice, too. Look for a dealer with shaking hands and shifty eyes. Live dealers, who are dealing cards fast, often make mistakes. Another example is a pretty flirtatious girl or a daring young man. And of course, choose dealers who are well-disposed towards you or who are known to you as unobservant or unprofessional.

Let’s focus on those dealers who deal cards very fast. It may seem inconvenient at first, but once you become more professional, you will be able to use fast tempo in your interests. When a dealer deals cards too fast, he either wants to boast with his excellence or drive away boredom. Both are signs of his/her unprofessionalism.

Right table

It’s important to choose the right table to play at. A large table with many talkative players is just what you need. Live dealer is constantly distracted: he has to listen to what players are saying and answer their questions.

In our next article, we will talk about how to make a live casino dealer make a mistake.