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Казино онлайн

Playing Live Roulette at Live Casino: Main Aspects


Modern live casinos allow to play at online roulette with different dealers. If you don’t like your current dealer, you can proceed with another. The choice of live casinos offering live roulette is huge. Nowadays, gambling adventure without leaving your home is a reality.

Be careful when choosing a dealer at live casino

The opportunity to switch between different online casinos may do you bad: while looking for a generous croupier, you may play away all your money. It’s common situation when you keep losing at the start, but then there comes a breaking point and you find yourself enjoying a winning streak.

Switching between different online casinos and relying purely on luck and intuition, you won’t be able to work out a winning strategy. Remember that luck won’t take you very far.

Playing Live Roulette at Live Casino: Main Aspects

Bets at live roulette

Playing live roulette at live casinos, you can make small bets. At some casinos, the minimum bet is one cent, while at others it is one dollar. You have to make a choice based on your financial potential.

Furthermore, the range of bets is pretty wide. For highrollers who like to bet big, live casino can offer a private room, where you can set your own bets - $200, $500, or whatever amount you wish.

Bonuses at live roulette at live casino

Land-based casinos do not encourage their clients with bonuses just for a visit. Live casinos welcome their clients wholeheartedly and add 100% to your first deposit. Furthermore, clients are pampered with other perks.

But remember that it is not for free. You will have to wager your bonuses. Until you wager all bonuses, you won’t be able to withdraw your own money.

Using Strategies

When playing live roulette, you can use software which calculates the probability of a certain number coming up. Despite being illegal, this practice cannot be proven or detected.

But remember that strategies do not ensure 100% winnings. However, if used wisely, they can increase your winning chances in a significant way. If the casino security finds out that you use additional software, you will be banned from the casinos for life.


When playing live roulette at live casinos, you can view statistics of previous games and use that information to make a decision about your own bets. Furthermore, you can process the statistics by using special software and receive a rough probability of a certain number coming up.

Remember that while you are doing this, the game may change its direction. So hurry up.

Live Casino Roulette: Safety

At live casinos, you always get your winnings to your bank card, and not a single soul will know about you win. Or your loss.

At land-based casino, winning a large amount of money is quite risky – there are always those who are hunting for other people’s money.

At the same time, you will have to be patient and wait till your withdrawal request undergoes all required checking procedures.