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Mobile Live Casino: Prospects


What are future prospects for live casinos? When will live dealers be available via mobile phones and smartphones?

Imagine that in the near future most players will access Internet via mobile devices and live casino with live dealers will grow into the most popular sector of online casinos.

In this context, we’re talking about two or three years. Today, many Internet users already access Internet via mobile devices. How many of them play at online casinos? While the exact number is unknown, there must be plenty of them.

Mobile Live Casino: Prospects

Live casino: Not a miracle anymore

Nowadays, the market of games with live dealers has become a standard option offered by any large online casino. Just several year ago, live casino was considered an innovation, a groundbreaking technology. Organically combined with other casino pastimes, the new technology developed drastically.

The main idea behind live casino is to combine land-based and online casino. Via web camera, players see everything a dealer is doing. Now, along with the main camera overlooking the entire table, there are additional cameras that can change views, which enhances participation effect.

Moreover, the selection of live games includes baccarat, roulette, poker, and others. This is not the most exciting thing, though. At some casinos, the number of live casino staff exceeds 100 people. For example, casino 888 employs at least 50 dealers who are ready to communicate with players.

Communication with clients is another step to understanding the very idea of live casino.

Social online live casino

Players need communication. They are not robots and most of them are not greedy people trembling over every cent. Furthermore, many players had to switch from land-based to online casinos, and such transitions are not always smooth. This is where communication enters the scene. Now players can not only talk via online chat (including a voice option), but also see one another.

Think about 3D technologies used in some video games. Soon we’ll see them at online casinos as well, which will secure a 100% immersion.

Mobile live dealers

Furthermore, mobile devices that support live casino software are becoming increasingly popular. Live casino applications have been created for all popular platforms, including Android and iPhone. In some time, every online casino will have its own live casino applications.

Although mobile devices may reduce the effect of immersion, they are successfully replacing desktop computers.