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Казино онлайн

Live Casino. Modern Online Casino With Live Dealers


Live casino dealers changed traditional gambling. Player receives new emotions, new experience and new effects from live casino games. Dealers renew game process in casino online - they accept the bets, pay wins and talk with gamblers.

Game become much more interesting especially if high stakes are placed. There is no reason to play with high stakes in usual computer game if it is possible to play with real dealer.

Live casino games without live dealers

The presence of the dealer does not guarantee that such game is really "live". In some casino online instead of real people computer dealers are used. With live casino games it has nothing in common. And though the modern graphics allows to create the computer dealer similar to real person, it’s not the same thing. Such games will not bring new impressions or especial pleasure buy they can be rather interesting. But you’ll have no opportunity to talk with computer dealer or to communicate with other participants.

Live Casino. Modern Online Casino With Live Dealers

One more version of pseudo-live casino game is game with titular dealer. All his functions are reduced to communication with a player, but he doesn’t accept bets and doesn’t pay wins. Such version is better than previous, but it is also not a real live casino game.

Live casino games with real dealers

The dealer has to communicate with players and also manage a game at the real table. In roulette dealer launches the ball in a wheel, in blackjack and baccarat he deals the cards. The illusion of presence at the real casino appears.

Etiquette during live casino game

One table can gather several players according to rules of the game. All participants can communicate with each other if they wish but only if it does not break the rules established in a casino. For example, in a blackjack gamblers cannot open information about their cards. Rules of etiquette also apply to dealers. Nobody will prevent you to pay a compliment or even some, but any vulgar platitudes are unacceptable. The dealer has the right to stop game with the brute client.