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Payout Rate at Online Live Casinos: Why Is It So Important?


Not wanting to embarrass or scare away their clients, online live casinos are reluctant to reveal their actual profits. But everyone knows that the edge in any gambling game belongs to the online casino, i.e. the house. The important thing you should know is how big this house edge is.

Based on payout rate, you can quite accurately determine how “greedy” a certain online casino is and what results to expect.

What a payout rate can tell you

Payout rate is a percentage of money that is paid back to players in the form of winnings. Payout rate is usually calculated based on monthly data. Payout rate is an average indicator that shows the overall picture and may not coincide with the results of an individual player.

What payout rate is considered high

It’s logical that the higher a payout rate, the more money is paid back to casino clients. In theory, payout rate can reach 100%, which means that players get all the money back. For some games, payout rate may exceed 100%, i.e. an online live casinos suffers losses. Note, however, that high payouts are not used in the long term. But it’s true that a casino may deliberately set a super high payout rate for some unpopular game during a short period of time.

Payout Rate at Online Live Casinos: Why Is It So Important?

The payout rate of 97-99% is considered to be high. This is the value set by most online casinos. The payout rate of 95-97% is a good offer as well. A lower payout rate says that an online casino is trying to get maximum profits at players’ expense.

Payout rates for different online live casino games

Reliable and respectable casinos show payout rates for all categories of games, including roulette, blackjack, video poker, and slot machines. There are no individual payouts for games by different manufacturers. Отдельной разбивки по каждому приложению не предусмотрено.. As a rule, slot machines sand video poker feature maximum payouts. Remember that players can affect a payout rate. For example, if a player does not use a video poker strategy, its payout rate goes down significantly.