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How To Pick The Best Live Casino


Along with mobile casino applications, live casinos are a most promising trend in online casino industry. Aiming to meet a growing demand, an increasing number of casinos online add live casino games to their game selection.

What are live casino games and how are they different from standard online entertainments?

How To Pick The Best Live Casino

In a live casino game, you are competing against a real-life dealer. For roulette and blackjack, having a live dealer makes all the difference and provides a totally new player experience.

Forget about playing against a machine. Now you have a real casino employee who takes bets, deals cards, distributes chips, and so on.

Although the player and the dealer may be thousands of miles apart, live casino is a highly realistic imitation of a land-based casino. Play table, chips, cards, roulette wheel, and dealer – everything is as real as it can possibly be. Pretty impressive, right?

High-definition video broadcast is an integral part of any live casino game. The room, where a live game is taking place, is equipped with several HD cameras. The player can see every movement of the dealer. Furthermore, the player can hear background noises and music.

The player communicates with the dealer via a mic. If you want your dealer to see you, you can activate a web camera on your computer. Moreover, you can have a video conference with other players, if they agree to this.

Enjoying a live casino game on your smartphone is a true pleasure for those who prefer online gambling. As for now, few online casino operators support this option. However, we are sure that this opportunity will be widely available in the near future.

How To Pick The Best Live Casino

Bear in mind that you need a high-speed internet connection to play at live casinos. It is hardly an obstacle nowadays, though.

Betting limits are a major concern of many live casino lovers. You should know that live online casinos have higher betting limits, so you’ll have to forget about one-cent bets. Live casino offers a better level of service and user experience, which justifies tougher requirements.