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Казино онлайн

Live Casino. Play Live Dealer Games Without Leaving Your Home


Nowadays, online roulette can hardly surprise anyone. To most casino players, it’s just another form of gambling entertainment. Roulette is a game that suffered most from online revolution in gambling. Its unique charm stems from watching a croupier make his precise movements and a ball rotate on the wheel. In online roulette, these attractions are nowhere to be found.

Live casinos: New gambling trend

Luckily, live games have become a solution to this problem. Today, you can even play at live casinos that specialize exclusively in live dealer games.

Live casinos are an innovation in the world of online gambling. The idea itself is not brand new, though. First live dealer games appeared not long after first online casino had been put in operation. It was only in the last couple of years that casino games with live dealers became increasingly popular among the gambling public. It came as no surprise that roulette was the first to benefit from such a trend.

Live Casino. Play Live Dealer Games Without Leaving Your Home

At live casino, a player competes against a real-life croupier. You can talk to your croupier via online chat, microphone, or even web camera. With live video broadcast via several cameras showing the game from different angles, a player can see absolutely everything.

High-speed and consistent Internet connection is a major requirement to play at live casino. A large HD monitor is yet another must-have. Besides displaying a high-quality image, a HD screen allows to relive the unforgettable atmosphere of a land-based casino.

Live roulette vs. Online roulette

Live roulette has a number of advantages over its traditional online version. A highly professional and skilled croupier makes a live game feel as real and exciting as a land-based casino game. If you share the table with other players, you can talk to them via online chat or web camera.

Live roulette has higher bets compared to standard online roulette. Here, you can’t bet as little as a cent or a dollar. However, this issue depends on the online casino and the number of players. Sometimes, there are several live roulette games, where different betting ranges apply.

In live roulette, bets have no upper limits. Feel free to bet as much as you can afford.

Mobile live roulette

Live roulette is making its way into players’ mobile devices. Large smartphone screens allow to play with comfort and interact with live dealers. With rapid development of technologies, live casinos may soon become available via cyber glasses.

Note that you don’t need to show your face to a live croupier. By using a control panel, you can enter your bet and the field you’d like to bet on. Your croupier will see the information on his or her screen and make your desired bet for you.