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Live Casino. Can Player Be Cheated at Live Casino?


Some players quite reasonably worry that they can be cheated at a live casino. And although live casino owners are not interested at all in cheating their customers, a player can meet fraudsters or even dishonest live casino staff.

What's interesting is that if at fraudulent live casinos it's mainly an operator who is cheating, in other words owner of a live casino, then at real casinos management works hard to make customers stay happy all the time and experience no problems.

However, the size of the business makes a difference. Online casinos can be organized by a small group, but to run a land based casino or a live casino hundreds of employees should participate. Goals for creating casino can also be different. It's not hard to open a fraudulent online casino that, of course, won't last long, but will work long enough to make some harm. Opening offline casino or live casino in order to cheat players is hardly possible. There's a very strict control.

But let's get back to the cases of players being cheated. They are rare, but nevertheless happen. Mainly it's a usual theft. Players' belongings are not often stolen. Usually thieves concentrate their efforts on stealing few chips while player is distracted.

Live Casino. Can Player Be Cheated at Live Casino?

Fraudsters are working in groups as well as alone. They can participate in the game at a live casino as anyone else or simply observe the game. Some of them deliberately attract attention while their partners try to steal chips lying on the table.

There are fraudsters who cheat live casinos, although their number is really small. A good fraudster is almost impossible to catch, but after catching them once, security service bans them from entering live casino. Fraudsters should be afraid of only in card games. Sometimes live casino dealers conspire with a fraudster. In this case a player has almost no chance of being unbeaten.

There's a separate category of fraudsters who specialize on cheating slot machines. They are professionals of the highest level, capable of stealing big sums of money from live casinos. They plan their operations in advance and with a great deal of thoroughness. Ordinary casino players shouldn't be afraid of them.

However, all that characters are really rare guests at live casinos. The number of security service staff exceeds the number of dealers for the reason. All casino halls have cameras installed to monitor tables and visitors.