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Profession: Dealer (Croupier) At Live Casino


Profession: Dealer (Croupier) At Live CasinoThose people, who are frequent live casino visitors, know who live dealers (or croupiers) are.

Many people erroneously think that dealers can’t be trusted and they are specially trained to cheat players in most intricate ways. This is not true, though. Croupier is a person who manages the entire playing process. Dealers are mostly young people of 18-30 years.

How to become a live casino dealer?

Among live casino dealers, there are many students who are need an extra source of income. That’s why you can’t say that dealers are trained to cheat. All a croupier needs to know is game rules and how to communicate with clients. Another thing croupiers are taught is psychology –for example, they need to know how to behave in non-standard situations that may occur in the course of the game. Not many casino pay attention to such details, though.

To become a live casino dealer, you won’t need to do anything special. Firstly, you need to have attractive appearance. Another advantage is to make simple mathematical calculations in your head. All necessary secrets and skills will be taught to you during a short training course. However, not all casinos provide training to their potential employees. Communicative and friendly people are always given preference.

Croupier: complexities of profession

Although seemingly simple, croupier’s job is not easy at all. Jobs that require skills to communicate with other people have always been considered the most difficult. Profession of casino dealer is built on live communication. If you find a croupier pleasant and interesting to talk to, you will enjoy the playing process. At the same time, dealers must be ready to face ungrounded insults or accusations from players, which is a significant source of stress.

Juts like many other jobs, profession of a casino dealer has both its advantages and disadvantages. A big advantage is that the job does not require any special education or training. As mentioned before, it’s a great option for students. Furthermore, dealers are paid fairly good.

In the context of growing popularity of casinos with live dealers, requirements to appearance of dealers are much higher than at regular online casinos.