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Казино онлайн

Profitable Games at Live Casino


Players from all over the world, who have already tried out live games, know that live roulette or live poker are incomparable to their counterparts at regular online casinos. Live games give the player an opportunity to play at a land-based casino, because they play with a live person, instead of an electronic machine. All dealers at live casinos are professional casino employees, who are always ready to keep the player company .

Roulette at live casino

Live roulette is a most exciting casino game which is very similar to the game of roulette at land-based casinos. Its rules are identical to European roulette rules, but a live dealer makes a game much more exciting. After crediting his personal account, the player can make bets and enjoy a pleasant company of dealer – a charming girl, in most cases.

Profitable Games at Live Casino

After the roulette ball stops, the dealer announces the result, congratulates the winners, and proceeds to the next round. The risk of losing is always here, but that risk is incomparable to the risk at Russian roulette, so there is nothing to be afraid of.

Blackjack and baccarat at live casino

The main difference between live blackjack and regular online blackjack is that the player can make bets on a certain box. The same system works for live baccarat as well: you can bet on player or dealer. As live casino allows you to view the statistics of previous games, you can easily work out a pattern or a strategy which may help you win a fortune. The tables are classified by bets and type of game.

Poker at live casino

Along with roulette, online poker is one of the most profitable and exciting gambling games at live casino. Other games with dealers at live casino are based on a system of bets, but a live poker player can determine the playing process, because Texas Hold’em rules stay invariable. During a live game, the player can make additional bets and change his mind. A curious fact is that you can see information on the dealer when choosing a table.

It is worth noting that precisely such card games at live casino allow players to apply a winning strategy. Unlike a regular online game, here each client watches the real process of card shuffling and can count cards. Some players use such tricks even in blackjack. But for novice players, Texas Hold’em will be just right.