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Казино онлайн

Live Casino. The Secrets of Live Casino Success


As soon as online casinos started to operate, they were widely criticized for being unable to provide players with interactive ways of communication. Except for online chat or phone calls to customer support, players have no opportunity to contact casino employees. Gamers are left by themselves when they play, and not everyone is happy about that.

There are basically two types of casino players in terms of games they prefer, those who enjoy mostly slot machines and those who play any other casino game. If players prefer slots, they are not likely to need someone else while playing. Traditionally slot players are interacting only with machines not with humans.

But for those who like playing roulette, black jack and poker, communicating with others involved in the game is essential. Table games require at least two participants and one of them is always a dealer. Dealers distribute cards to the players and thus participate in the games.

The Secrets of Live Casino Success

It's obvious that online casinos today are not the same as they were ten years ago. At that time all processes were computerized, and the presence of a dealer wasn't necessary. But the situation has changed with the access to high speed internet services and cheap digital cameras. Technological progress allowed for development of live casino games.

For online casino visitors who used to spend their time playing table games, live casinos became an exciting breakthrough. Live casinos started to attract players unsatisfied with standard online casino offerings. The idea of live streamed video and interaction with real dealers seemed interesting for them.

Major live casinos usually offer several tables to play roulette, black jack, craps and baccarat. A player can communicate with a dealer and see how the game is developing. Interaction with other gamers is also possible. While playing at live casino, players get similar to brick-and-mortar casino experience.

Bets can be placed by pushing the button or simply by saying what they are betting on and how much. Immediately after a bet is made, dealer receives this information and moves the chips on the table accordingly. Several cameras give players views from various angles so that all the processes are visible. Thanks to that, gamers can have a closer look at card shuffling or dealing.

Live casinos that are hiring real dealers always attract more players compared to online casinos without live games. That's why this online gambling segment is considered to be among the most promising