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Live Casino. Secrets of Live Dealers in Online Casino


The difference between popular and little-known online casino is pretty noticeable. One of the typical attribute of serious project is service of live dealers. If you have an opportunity to start the game with real dealer, so, your casino, more than likely, is popular and rather large. Small gambling projects have no money to organize live games.

Live dealers – who they are?

Job of live dealer in online casino is actually the same thing, as job in land-based casino. Very often live dealers are the same people, that manage the game in real casino. To become the dealer, it is necessary to complete the special courses, successfully to pass examination and to be ready to hours-long work at a game table. However, all these aspects interest players a little. The main thing, that really has a matter, is pleasure from the game. Gambling with live dealer is very fascinating and excitable.

Secrets of Live Dealers in Online Casino

The main principles of management live games

Live dealers operate some popular games. First of all, it is a roulette and blackjack. More rarely you can also see Baccara in live game mode.

To organize the service of live games, owners of live casino need to use some special equipment.

First of all live dealers need high definition cameras, which are installed around the table. Players must have an opportunity to view game process on any angle.

The special tables, cards and chips allow to forward data about game in real time. For example, the cards which are handed over by the dealer are visible not only to the player, but also appear in the program. It’s impossible to organize live game without special software.

How to play a live game?

Tables with live dealers are available for every client of online casino. If you have enough money on your account, so, you can choose between all available games. The player has possibility to start his own game, or to join already going game.

In rush hours at one table you can meet several players. The situation, when one dealer serves only one client, is rather rare. Usually it is the VIP players with large rates.

It must be kept in mind that game with the real dealer is more expensive, in comparison with computer version. The rates level can unpleasantly surprise you.

In large casinos usually the tables with low stakes are available. However, the game with live dealer in casino online is cheaper, in comparison with land-based casinos.