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Казино онлайн

How To Succeed At Live Casino With Live Dealers


Playing with live dealers at live casinos is no longer something unique. Any respectable and solid online casino offers several tables for games with live dealers. The game is broadcast via web camera. A player makes bets, while a croupier stands by the real roulette or sits at the real card table. Croupiers are mostly pretty girls in black dresses or boys in white shirts. Every 20 minutes, players are greeted by a new dealer. The so-called video casino is a just an extra option to a large number of electronic games.

Live casinos, which are able to offer high-quality games with live dealers, are mostly large and respectable establishments with many-years’ experience in the gambling market.

What live casinos you can trust

Some players are too lazy to learn the principles of honest play with random number generator guaranteed by casino administration. Some players refuse to believe that the machine can deliver honest results. The only thing they believe is their own eyes. Live casinos is where such players can enjoy the game without any suspicion or negative emotions.

How to play at live casino with live dealers and keep winning

Another significant advantage of live casinos is the atmosphere they create. Live talk is something players miss a lot at standard online casinos. At live casino, you can communicate with your dealer or other players via online chat. On your computer screen, you can see a ball spinning on the roulette wheel, cards being shuffled, and dice rolling. These are the things that make thoughtless gambling into some kind of ritual with its unique culture and charm.

What you should pay attention to at live casino

Most drawbacks of live casinos are of technical nature. To play at live casinos with live dealers, you need to have a stable high-speed Internet connection. Furthermore, even half an hour of streaming video in HD quality requires a pretty large amount of traffic. So you will need both high-speed and unlimited Internet.

Another disadvantage of live casino is time pressure. A dealer won’t adjust the pace of the game to your own pace, because he or she must serve many players. The time to make a bet is strictly limited and the round lasts just as much as it is required. Those players, who can’t make decisions fast or switch off game animation, will have to be patient and concentrated. For some players, time to make a bet (about 45 seconds) may be insufficient. That concerns players, who pay attention to statistics, use various analyzers or confusing systems with complex bets.

Bad news for players with small deposits – most live tables have medium bets. For example, in live blackjack, bets usually start from $5. The reason behind that may be more expensive maintenance of live tables compared to that of virtual ones.