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Tips At Live Casino


Monthly income of every live casino employee, whose job implies interacting with clients, includes tips. Exceptions are live casinos with strict bans on accepting any money encouragements.

Sometimes, tips are the main reason why a person stays in the job at live casino and tolerates all drawbacks of his or her job. So if you had fun at live casino (and especially if you won), feel free to give a tip to those people who made that possible.

It must be said that not all live casinos give an opportunity to give tips to dealers. Some live casinos allow to do that during the game, while others – before you leave the casino. But no one can make you give a tip if you don’t want to.

Tips At Live Casino

Tips at play tables at live casinos

Dealers serving tables at live casinos are most frequently encouraged with tips. You can give a tip after a successful deal (you determine the amount) or make an extra bet, winning from which will go to a dealer (if a live casino allows it).

We recommend you to ask a dealer whether they get tips. It may turn out that a live casino takes everything, so there is no need to waste your money. Another question you can ask a dealer is whether tips are divided among all employees or go to the person who earned them. A dealer is not obliged to provide you with such information, though.

Who gives tips at live casino

Remember that tips are given only by people who play at live casino just for fun and pleasure. If you learned the basic blackjack strategy and even try to count cards in order to earn money, you shouldn’t give any tips. That would undermine your efforts to beat the mathematical edge of a live casino.

On the other hand, card counters know that dealers do not expect any encouragement from them. Sometimes, they give tips on purpose to confuse live casino administration and distract suspicion.

Do not even try to thank a dealer for each successful round in blackjack. A dealer can deal up to one hundred hands per hour. If you keep sharing your money with a dealer, you will go bankrupt even if you’re having a winning streak.

At roulette, you can reward a croupier with valuable chips. Here you can also make a bet in a dealer’s favor. If the bet wins, a dealer will get the money.

It’s much easier with Stud poker: you can give a dealer a tip out of each large amount you win.

Many live casino clients give chips to a dealer when he/she is replaced with another one or when they themselves leave the casino.