Казино онлайн
Казино онлайн

What Is Live Casino


Not so long ago, playing against real-life dealers via the Internet seemed hardly imaginable. That required a high-speed Internet connection and large amounts of traffic. The opportunity of playing blackjack and roulette in live mode, while talking with a charming lady dealer via online chat, seemed so far away.

With advanced development of technologies, many people have high-speed Internet access that allows to download a movie in a couple of minutes. This made live games a reality. If you can’t fly to Las Vegas to test your luck at roulette, live casino is your chance. You can play at live casino at any time, without leaving your home and feel the drive and excitement of a traditional land-based casino.

What Is Live Casino

Live casino vs land-based casino

Like at land-based casinos, clients of live casinos keep wondering how they can win at online casino. All tips and strategies developed for land-based casinos work for live casinos as well. However, you should pay attention to several things. When playing blackjack, watch a deck closely. If cards are shuffled before each deal, you can’t use the systems based on card counting.

Comfortable use

The process of playing at live casino is as follows. The player chooses a minimum and maximum limits for his bets. As a rule, these are different slots with different dealers. Then you find yourself at the table. Your balance is transferred to the table you’ve chosen - you don’t need to transfer money between the sections. You can watch the playing process via a web camera which broadcasts the images of tables and dealer’s actions. Cameras are installed in several places and show the table selected by the player.

Use the time given by the dealer to make your bets. Once the bets have been made, you cannot bet anymore, so try to make all the bets you want in time. Winning bets are paid via special software – you don’t need to wait for the dealer to calculate your winnings and bring you your money. You can contact the dealer via online chat or give him a tip. Sadly, you can’t give him a kick. And most dealer girls are married..

Games at live casinos

Currently, live casinos offer the following games to play for real money: blackjack, roulette, Hold’em poker, and three-card poker. Live section is available almost in all partner casinos. We recommend you to register and verify your account with all operators available on the website. That gives you access to personal reloads, free games, special offers.