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Why You Can’t Play at Online Live Casinos for Real Money Without Registration


Registration with an online live casino is the necessary condition to play for real money. Here we are talking not only about login and password. A user must provide a lot of other information about himself, including full name, address, and sometimes – a passport copy. In this article, we will explain why it is so crucial for online casinos to acquire exhaustive information about every player.

Fight against money laundering

An extended registration form is one of the means designed to fight against money laundering. It’s common knowledge that from time to time online live casinos get involved in reputation-tarnishing scandals related to highly suspicious money transfers. Regulatory bodies developed a set of measures aimed at making it highly difficult for swindlers to use online gambling games as a tool to steal money. Registration process that requires to provide detailed information about a player is one of such measures.

Why You Can’t Play at Online Live Casinos for Real Money Without Registration

It’s interesting to know that such requirements were developed not by online live casinos themselves, but by the organizations that regulate and control their activities.

No gambling games for under-age users

In any brick-and-mortar casino, security at the entrance have the right to check the age of any visitor. Although online casinos have no such possibility, they also need to prevent under-age visitors from playing gambling games. The only feasible way to do this seems to require a user to provide a copy of his or her identification document. Some online casinos also ask a user to confirm his or her residential address.

In this case, the initiative comes from the gambling industry regulators whose task is to secure law compliance. Prohibition for under-age visitors to play gambling games must be observed. Live casinos that break this important requirement are punished with fines.

Loyalty program

At the same time, online live casinos also benefit from obtaining additional information about their clients. Online casino’s marketing team divide clients into age groups, study their gambling interests and preferences, and come up with interesting special offers for each target audience. Contact information provided by users (e-mail, phone) can be used to send advertisements and notify about new products. The more means for feedback leaves a client, the higher are the chances to re-kindle his interest in online gambling if he hasn’t appeared at online casino for some time.