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Live Casino. Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing With Real Dealer at Live Casino


Live dealers are not rare anymore. Gradually live casino games become less exclusive and turn into the necessary attribute of a good online live casino. And since live casino dealers are becoming available to a regular player, learning advantages and disadvantages of live casino game makes sense.

Good Bye, Free Games

First of all, we need to mention that there is no free mode at live casino. Dealer will not run free games, basically he/she won't be allowed by live casino. The work of real dealers isn't cheap, that's why free mode isn't an option for live casinos.

Limited Time For Placing Bet

You can't take a long time to decide on roulette sector to place a bet; you won't be able to do that. There are certain time limits allowed to make a bet or bets. After that time is over, the game goes on without you. No one will wait forever as it happens in case of standard casino application. On average, live casino player has 45 seconds to place a bet, but no more than a minute.

Play With Real Dealer at Live Casino

Several Players

There might be several players playing at one live casino table. It can hardly be considered disadvantage because at land based casinos there are usually other interested people gather around besides players, and they don't disturb anyone. Don't be surprised if a live casino dealer will take bets from other players and only then will talk to you.

By the way, affiliate live casinos have it very often.

Average Limits

Small bets are not used in live casino games. Live casinos increase minimum limit from the beginning. Real dealers bring profit in case of average or high limit games. If a dealer will serve live casino customers who bet 1 cent, his/her presence at online live casino would have no sense.


Live casino games always offer enough communication. Majority of dealers are happy to talk to players, answer questions and try to make players like them. At the end of the game a good dealer receives tips.

Monitoring the Game

Player can see everything dealer is doing and controls his/her actions. Everyone worried about cheating at online live casinos would feel more secure having visual control. It's always nice to see a real game not computer simulation. And this is the main live casino advantage.