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Baccarat with Live Dealers at Live Casino


At the peak of online casino popularity, baccarat was among the first games offered to the clients. But it soon turned out that its online version is not very popular with gamblers. The reason is not distrust with the random number generator. At least, it is not the main reason why baccarat is not a big success in the world of online gambling.

Online baccarat lacks its initial charm. It is no longer exciting and breathtaking. Animated process failed to replace real-life dealers. Players have no opportunity to interacting with one another, which robs them of the feeling of belonging to higher society. Online version of baccarat is too primitive and monotonous. While the rules stayed the same, the intrigue was lost.

Baccarat with Live Dealers at Live Casino

Baccarat with live dealers at live casino

Baccarat was among the first games with live dealers offered to players by live casinos. The goal was to revive popularity of the game. In live baccarat, real-life dealers deal cards in front of players. Although the possibility to interact with other players is somewhat limited, the special atmosphere has been successfully restored.

Online baccarat with live dealers at live casino allows the player to feel like a respectable aristocrat without leaving his favorite sofa and putting on an expensive suit. Furthermore, due to full anonymity of players, you need not think about following etiquette rules. The result is increasing popularity of baccarat. Moreover, live baccarat is gaining popularity even in those countries where it used to be unknown before.

Most live casinos with live dealers offer the classical baccarat, mini baccarat, and Punto Banco. If you won with your Banco bet , you are charged a 5% commission on your winnings. In the Internet you can find some peculiar baccarat variations, which you will never see at land-based casinos - Premium Baccarat, Lucky Pair Baccarat, Zero Commission Baccarat, and others.

Live casino baccarat with live dealers: Drawbacks

While advantages of live baccarat are clear and obvious, its drawbacks are hidden. We won’t focus on Internet speed and its price for casino players, because the situation is constantly changing. Connection failures are not as critical for baccarat as for blackjack. In baccarat, you make a bet once and then have no power over the process of the game.

The main source of dissatisfaction among players is the tempo of the playing process. An extremely slow tempo of the game makes many players annoyed and angry.

At present, live casino baccarat with live dealers is available at most online casinos.