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Live casino bonuses and Bonus hunting


Bonus hunting is a real art in its own kind. Gamblers search multiple casino sites for the best offers, hoping to get more free gifts and lucrative perks.

This is a quite reasonable behavior, though. Knowing that live casino has its share of profits anyway, gamblers try to pick a gaming site with a most attractive bonus program. This article outlines how live casinos encourage and motivate their clients to gamble more.

Live Casino Bonuses And Bonus Hunting

Deposit bonuses

This category includes a generous bonus on the very first deposit made by a new client to their live casino account. Along with the first deposit, some live casinos also encourage players for every consecutive deposit.

The only problem is that you cannot cash out your bonus until you fulfill wagering requirements in full. Nonetheless, it is nice to get free bonus money, even if you are not going to release your bonus. Sometimes, a player fulfills wagering requirements without even knowing it.

Loyalty programs

Pretty much any online casino can boast an attractive loyalty program. According to it, a player gets complementary points for each bet they make. Points can then be exchanged for whatever you want, including lottery tickets, cash, free spins, and many more. A high-status player enjoys more perks from live casino. For example, they get better exchange rates, more points for each bet, and so on. By including more beneficial terms into its loyalty program, live casinos make it more attractive to gamblers. Loyalty program is a sure way to retain VIP clients and keep them away from competitors.

Live Casino Bonuses And Bonus Hunting

Referral system

Many live casinos online use another way of player encouragement which is referral program. A player is given points for inviting a new client to live casino. Referral points are then exchanged for cash. The good news is that you don’t need to fulfill any requirements to cash out your points.