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Can Players Expect Fair Roulette Game at Live Casino?


One of the reasons why roulette with real dealers was created is to convince players that playing process is fair and doesn’t allow any outside interference.

Players' Suspicions

Usually roulette is preferred by quite conservative people who find computer applications with random number generators suspicious. Their concerns are understandable. If a person doesn't know anything about how the game works and can't see how winning sector is determined, he/she lacks the trust that playing process is honest and fair.

Fair Live Casino Games

Live casino roulette helps to remove doubts. When live casino players see real equipment in front of them and have the opportunity to switch between cameras to see roulette wheel and ball, they feel more secure. People have more trust if they see something with their own eyes than if they would be told by someone.

Fair Roulette Game at Live Casino?

You can argue that live casino dealer can attach magnet to the other side of the wheel to stop the ball on a certain sector. But the same can be done by dealer at a land based casino. Everything depends on online live casino reputation and of course, on how good regulators work.

In this case, the problem with roulette and overall online live casino was that players wanted to monitor processes. Live casinos with possibility of video streaming satisfied this requirement.

This is how live casino players got the visual proof that no rules are broken, nothing stops the ball from rolling on a roulette wheel, and unfamiliar to them random number generator is not used at all.

Advantages of Playing At Live Casino

Live casino dealers run the game as well as their colleagues at land based casinos. Quickly taking bets, welcoming players and saying them goodbye, paying winnings, answering customers' questions and giving recommendations, real dealers make live casino roulette much more exciting.

Live casino players have a chance to talk to each other. In other words, live roulette makes online casino environment as close as possible to the environment of brick-and-mortar casinos.