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Live Casino. Gambling addiction


While brining us joy and profits, online gambling can as well be a source of serious problems, one of which being gambling addiction, or ludomania. No gambler is safe from the risk of developing gambling addiction.

Need of governmental control

To eliminate the risk of ludomaia, many countries prohibit live casino operation. This seems like a radical step. It would be more reasonable for state authorities to monitor online gambling industry and take care of addicts.

Actually, there is no direct correlation between live casino online and gambling addiction. Live casinos cannot predict whether a client is prone to gambling addiction or gambles just for pleasure. Furthermore, players can get around any restrictions and bans to access live casino services.

Gambling Addiction at Live Casino

How gambling addiction develops

Ludomania in its early stages is easy to oversee. As a player spends more and more time gambling, they start to lose interest in everything else, including family, work, friends, and hobbies. This is when a person needs to seek professional help and see a specialist.

Who is to blame?

Live casinos online are often criticized for not helping their addiction-prone clients and ignoring the problem. However, only state authorities can make casino operators control their clients’ play process.

In some countries, regulatory bodies make it compulsory for casinos to combat the problem of ludomania. For example, live casinos may slash play time, betting limits, and range of available casino games for gambling addicts. Furthermore, there are rehabilitation centers that provide professional help to gamblers.

In other words, the problem of gambling addiction needs to be approached with great care. If the government bans live casinos online, players will take their money to illegal gaming websites. This makes it an irrational measure. Another option is to establish an association that would include live casino representatives, psychologists, volunteers, and other specialists willing to join their efforts to help gambling addicts.