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Games You Can Play At Live Casino


For today’s players, live casinos have become a usual form of online casino. The chance to play with a pretty lady dealer without leaving your home is no longer surprising. This has become possible through high-speed Internet and online broadcasts. Thus, live casinos can be also called video online casinos, where communication with the dealer is as simple as regular conversations with your friends via Skype. Let’s focus on each live game offered at live casinos in more detail.

Blackjack at Live Casinos

Card counters were the first to welcome the news about an upcoming opportunity to play blackjack with live dealers. The problem is that they cannot use their skills in games with random number generator, because all decks are shuffled before each deal. In blackjack with live croupiers, however, discards are put into a shoe, which makes it possible to count them.

Games You Can Play At Live Casino

But casino owners know how to protect their money. To make card counting useless, they made live dealers cut half a shoe, which makes it practically impossible to count cards.

Furthermore, they introduced other measures which made the life of card counters more complicated. For example, live casino dealers started to cut several cards before proceeding to the next round.

Baccarat at Live Casino

The opportunity to talk to other players sitting around the table has always been an important part of baccarat. Until recently, baccarat was considered to be the game of aristocrats which gathered in luxurious clubs to enjoy a pleasant pastime. Online casinos made baccarat available for everyone. However, playing at baccarat alone is no fun.

Playing at online baccarat with live dealers at online casinos is much more exciting. You can talk with the dealers or with other players via online chat. The game itself does not require focus or making hard decisions.

Roulette at Live Casino

Roulette with live croupier at live casino is similar to the games with the random number generator. Aling with a great opportunity to interact with the croupier , the main allure of traditional roulette is its exciting process, when a client driven by gambling excitement makes bets. At live casino with live dealers, the game goes on rather slowly. Furthermore, it lacks drive and adrenaline rush overwhelming the player when he is watching the ball jumping on the wheel. But this is a matter of taste, after all.

Casino Hold’em at Live Casino

Live Casino Hold'em is a relatively new form of poker for both land-based and live casinos. This is why it’s still early to talk about any traditions and compare games based on random number generator and live games. So it’s up to you to decide.