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Казино онлайн

How to pick a good live casino?


Registering with a fly-by-night live casinos is a far greater risk for beginning players than, for example, losing your entire bankroll. This article focuses on how to detect and avoid unreliable live casinos.

Check online live casino rankings

When searching for the right live casino, you first need to get the general idea of what online gambling market is offering you. Although the selection of online live casinos is constantly growing, high-profile gaming websites are still few.

We recommend you to choose among live casinos in the top of online live casino ranking. As every ranking is inevitably biased, you should make a choice based on more than one list.

How to pick a good live casino

Check the license

Any respectable online live casino has a license issued by a gambling authority. License is a substantial proof that the online casino is a long-term project and not a tool to rip players off their money and disappear after a couple of weeks. The best option is a license issued by a European regulatory body (e.g., a British one). At the same time, many reliable and trusted live casinos have a license issued in offshore states.

By playing with an online live casino with no license, you’re carrying all risks by yourself. In case of a dispute, you will have no one to protect your interests.

Explore the selection of slots

Testing slot machines is definitely the most exciting part of the entire “check process.” Make sure that live casino slots feature top-notch graphics, realistic sounds, and user-friendly interface. Find out what software the live casino is running on. A high-profile software brand logo can say much more about a casino than its license.

Poor game selection, outdated graphics, and questionable authenticity (slots are often stolen or imitated) are all indicators of a low-quality gaming website. You should avoid registering with such an online casino.

Try to register with live casino

Fly-by-night online live casinos usually have a very simple registration form. To access online casino games, you only need to submit your login and password. Reliable live casinos set strict registration requirements to filter under-aged players. A new user needs to submit their first and last name, address, and phone. Remember that an easy registration process must cause suspicion.