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Live Casino. Step By Step Instructions For Novice Gamers On How to Play Live Casino Roulette


Unfortunately, live casino roulette is not available in free mode. To place few bets, live casino players have to spend money anyway.

Getting to Know Live Casino Roulette

But if you aren't going to register at online live casino and just want to get to know live casino roulette, you can do one trick.

A lot of live casinos allow unregistered customers observe games with real dealers. Everything you need to do is to go to "live" section, choose any table you like and wait for some of the real live casino customers to join the table.

During the day a lot of live casino roulette tables aren't active because there are few players. But visit live casino in the evening or on weekends, and you'll definitely see games with a real dealer.

Live casino for novice gamers

Money Transfer At Live Casino

But staying away from casino games is hard, especially if they are run by real dealers and if other live casino players are winning constantly.

Registration at live casino shouldn't take more than 5 minutes, but don't rush. First of all, pay attention to live roulette bet limits. Usually they can be found in the description of the game or after launching the game.

The thing is, live casino roulettes have higher bet limits compared to standard games. There are tables that require making at least $10 bet. There are even higher limits.

Live casino roulette is not a cheap leisure activity, and many players get discouraged when they realize how much money they'll have to risk.

Playing Process

But there’s good news as well. Even the quickest live casino dealer can't take more than 30 bets an hour. Usually this number is lower if there are several players at the table.

To some extent, that compensates higher minimum bet limits. Although of course, it doesn’t provide full compensation.

Regarding live casino roulette itself, it's played the same way as its computer version. Dealer takes bets, rolls a ball and after it's stopped pays winnings if there are any.

During morning or afternoon hours tables with live casino roulette can be unavailable.