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Казино онлайн

Latest trends and innovations at live casinos


As the technology in the world develops the online gambling industry is there to follow. We can see new inventions being incorporated at online casinos and new and better games being released every month. The online gambling industry must follow the latest world trends in order to stay attractive for online players.

The online casino concept has come a long way since the first Microgaming Viper casinos. Today players can enjoy state of the art casino games like modern video slots, jackpots and the mega popular live dealer games.

The Live Casino turning point in the industry

When Evolution Gaming first introduced the live casino concept it was a turning point for the entire industry. Now the online casino was closer to a real live brick and mortar casino than ever before. Players could sit at a table and play live roulette or live blackjack with a real live dealer. All of that streamed in HD quality to the players screen. Thanks to the live dealer software the online gambling industry got more players than ever before. Today almost every online casino in the industry has their dedicated live dealer section.

Mobile Live Casino

The mobile casino was a great innovation by itself. Players could now access all of the casino games from their mobile devices everywhere they go. You could log into your favorite casino and play from any location and at any time. But still even so players had a limited choice of casino games they could play.

This is why the live dealer games at the casinos were redesigned to be available on mobile devices. This was an instant hit across the industry since now players could access the live dealer games on the go as well. Even though some players were skeptics at first about this technology, the ingenuity of the software designers proved them wrong. Playing live dealer games on your mobile device today is just as good as playing from your PC. This is all thanks to the great software and the multi cam view of the table.

But even though the live dealer casino and online casinos in general are as good as they are today we are sure to see many great innovations in the future.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is without a doubt the next step in the live casino saga. Some casinos are already working on this technology and incorporating it at their casino games. The design is simple. All you will need are VR glasses to take a stroll in a VR casino. You will be able to sit at the table like a real player, talk to the dealer just like you would in a real live casino. Some experts in this field predict to build an entire VR casino floor where you will be able to walk around the casino from table to table and see everything the casino has to offer. Even though this technology is still far away from being implemented we can expect to see something like that in the next decade.

Gambling Passport

Beside live casino games one trend which will be especially welcomed by all online players is the gambling passport. This is a very simple, but yet very ingenious innovation which can bring a lot of stability to the entire industry. The idea is that every player will have his gambling passport which will be the same like your personal ID. You will register at every online casino by using this passport alone. Since the details in the passport are already verified there will be no need for account verification at the casino itself. This is expected to cut down the problems many players have when it comes to account verification at new casinos.

Skilled Games

Another great innovation which is already taking place at some of the top Las Vegas casinos is skilled games. The concept behind this idea comes from younger players and their everyday interaction with PC games. This means that the providers are creating casino games which will require a factor of skill as well as luck in order for the player to win. So the more skilled you are in playing the game the bigger your chances will be in winning. This is an interesting idea which is sure to attract a new generation of players at online casinos.

More Live Games

The main issue with live dealer games is that they are limited in number. Every online casino has the classic Live Blackjack, Live Roulette and Live Baccarat games available. In some casinos you will find more live dealer games like live poker, but new games are being added in this area as well, like live Dream Catcher. In the future we can expect to see an increase in the number of live dealer games.