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Live Baccarat: Pros And Cons


Did you know that James Bond, the famous British intelligence officer, preferred baccarat over other casino games? This game has always attracted casino clients, both novices and professionals. What does it owe its success to? What separates it from other gambling entertainments? Back in the day, baccarat was the favorite game of the French nobility. Constantly looking for new entertainments, picky aristocrats introduced the exciting card game to the court. It spread around the continent to win over the British aristocracy. Unique rules are yet another important factor that contributed to baccarat’s popularity. Furthermore, baccarat features high betting limits which makes it the perfect choice for highrollers. It is ranked as one of the most sophisticated games out there, and those who play it must follow a certain code of behavior. Baccarat etiquette with its intricate rules makes the game even more mysterious and enticing.

Live Baccarat

Why is online version less popular?

While enjoying a high status at land-based casinos, baccarat failed to repeat its success among online gamblers. There are several reasons to it. The first thing that undermined its success was that gamblers didn’t trust the random number generator. Moreover, baccarat is one of those entertainments that fascinate you only when played at land-based casinos. When introduced to the online casino scene, it lost its authenticity and uniqueness.

According to seasoned gamblers, online baccarat is not as exciting and breathtaking as its real-life version. First, automated algorithms can’t replace a live dealer. Second, lack of interaction with other players takes away from pleasure as well. And finally, online baccarat is a rather primitive variation of its original prototype. Although having the same old rules, it fails to recreate the special atmosphere which enveloped the traditional game.


Online casino owners recognized the need to save the reputation of the iconic card game. They took steps to spur the demand and show online gamblers that baccarat is a worthy alternative to other casino entertainments. This is how live casino baccarat was invented. Gaming websites hired live dealers to manage the game, with players watching HD broadcasts on their computer screens. Casinos launched wide-scale promotion campaigns to highlight multiple advantages of online baccarat and acquire new clients. While the live casino version still can’t compete with the conventional variation, the innovations have proved effective. Slow and steady, baccarat began to restore its reputation in the online gaming world.

Live Baccarat

Nowadays, online baccarat with live casino dealers gives you a unique opportunity to feel like a blue-blooded nobleman playing “the game of the royalty.” The biggest advantage is that you can forget about the complicated etiquette rules. Now any player has access to the previously exclusive entertainment. Baccarat acquired fans from the countries that have never heard of this game before. Technological advances and globalization trends made the game known all over the world.

Most gaming websites offer three major variations which include classic version, mini baccarat, and Punto Banko. On some gaming platforms, you may come across some unique versions, such as Premium Baccarat and others.


Along with a bunch of advantages, any innovation has its drawbacks. Online baccarat is no exception. When enjoying the game online, gamblers may face some problems. The biggest problem is unstable internet connection that results in frequent breaks.

Game tempo is yet another major pitfall that may cause disappointment. Live casino variation has a much slower pace than its standard counterpart. When playing it live, you have to wait for other players to make a move. If you can’t call yourself a patient person, you should better consider playing the standard online version powered by fast automated algorithms.