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Live Casino Blackjack with Live Dealer


For several hundreds years, blackjack has been a popular card game which allows to have good time at the card table and even win large winnings. Advanced technologies gave birth to numerous variations of online blackjack, and blackjack with live dealers at live casino is the most exciting of them all. Live blackjack gives the player the opportunity to interact with real-life dealer and other players.

Popularity of live casino games

According to the current tendencies, about70% of players choose blackjack with live dealers among all other online blackjack variations. The reason behind such popularity is that live games are managed not by the random number generator, but by the real-life dealer via HD broadcast. This enable players to use various strategies which are useless in online blackjack. The player sees all dealer’s actions and movements. In case of any dissatisfaction with the dealer, the player can change him/her to another one.

Live Casino Blackjack with Live Dealer

Realistic atmosphere at live casino

Blackjack with live dealers at live casino is interesting both for novice and seasoned players. Beginning players will get the chance to immerse into the real-life casino atmosphere, get guidance and advice from the croupier, and get acquainted with the wonderful world of gambling. Experienced players will be able to test their own strategies and systems and count on larger winnings, unlike when playing against the random number generator. Live blackjack is a big source of pleasure which can make the same truly unique and unforgettable. Reliability and the possibility to watch the dealer’s actions ensure high level of integrity.

Live casino blackjack: Rules

Live casino blackjack has the same rules as classical blackjack. Players play against the casino represented by the live dealer. The player’s goal is to collect more points than the dealer, without exceeding 21 points. Each card in the deck is valued from 1 to 11 points. Cards from Two to Ten have the value of 2 to 10 points. Queen, King, and Jack are 10 points each. Ace is 1 or 11 points, depending on the situation. Depending on blackjack variation, the game is played with one to eight decks. Extra rules may be added: dealer’s hidden card, insurance for the player, etc. The goal is not to collect most points, but to beat the dealer.