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Казино онлайн

Why you should not trust live casino bonuses


Signup bonuses are oftentimes a major disappointment for live casino clients. It has nothing to do with the fact that a bonus may turn out to be smaller than promised. Most gambler are concerned about tough wagering requirements.

Big bonus is not always a good thing

It’s naïve to expect that live casino online gives you a free bonus that exceeds your deposit 2-3 times. Bonuses aim to attract new live casino clients and encourage them to spend more money at live casino. However, you can only use your bonus after fulfilling certain conditions.

Live Casino Bonuses

Wager shows the amount of bets you need to make before you can withdraw your bonus.

A 200% bonus on your first deposit will probably have at least x10 wager, meaning that you will have to bet the amount 10 times your bonus. This is how “free” online casino bonuses really are.

The bigger the bonus, the harder it is to cash out. A bigger bonus comes with more difficult wagering requirements. If a live casino distributed free bonuses, it would suffer losses.

How to release your bonus fast

Live casinos online make it harder for players to release their bonuses. For a casino, the best scenario is when a player spends money on bets and still fails to fulfill wagering requirements in full. To achieve this, live casinos limit the range of eligible casino games counting towards wagering requirements. For example, roulette bets do not count, while all kinds of slot bets are all right. Note that different games may contribute a different percentage towards wagering requirements. Furthermore, you only have about 30 days (or less) to release your bonus.

You need to make big bets to withdraw your bonus fast. However, you risk parting with your money if your bet loses. Note that it’s your own money (and not the bonus) that is used up the first.

Live Casino Bonuses

Focus on blackjack and video poker, if they are eligible for fulfilling wagering requirements. Make sure to use trusted optimal strategies to reduce the house edge and boost your winning chances. This is a sure way to fulfill wagering requirements faster.

Do not worry if you failed to release your bonus. This does not mean that you are bad at gambling. Remember that live casino rules are tough, and only few gamblers succeed to cash out their bonuses.