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Live Casino and Its Characteristics Explained to Novice Players


It's quite easy to distinguish between big online live casino and modest one. If players are offered live dealer services, there's a 99% chance they are dealing with a serious online live casino. Small casinos simply can't afford organizing live casino games.

Who Are Live Dealers?

Live casino dealer is actually no different than dealer at the average land based casino. Very often they are the same people just switching to another area.

In order to become casino dealer, you need to complete special courses, successfully pass the exam and get ready for long hours of being at the live casino table.

But all these details are not interesting for live casino players. What's the most important for online live casino customers is that playing with a live dealer is much more interesting.

Live Casino and Its Characteristics Explained to Novice Players

How Game Is Organized

Live casino dealers run several popular games. First of all, they are roulette and black jack, less widespread is baccarat.

Live casinos use special equipment. High definition cameras are installed around the table so that player can see every dealer’s move and can switch from one camera to another.

There are special tables, cards and chips that allow to instantly transmit information about how the game develops. For example, cards dealt by dealer are not only visible via cameras, but also appear in computer program.

Of course, it wouldn’t be possible without special software.

How to Play Live Casino Games

Live casino games are available to every online live casino customer. If you have money on your account, you can choose any of active live casino tables and join the game which is already running or start a new game.

During rush hours there are several players at one live casino table. Usually they are VIP players making big bets. Live casinos rarely have just one customer playing.

You should take into account that playing live casino games is more expensive compared to computer option. Of course, you don't have to pay just to play, but you can be discouraged by the level of bet sizes.

Big live casinos usually offer tables with relatively low limits. Playing with real dealers at live casinos is still cheaper than playing at land based casinos.