Казино онлайн
Казино онлайн

Live Casino Tricks


Aiming to boost players’ interest in online gambling, live casino online uses multiple tricks. Although the decision to quit the game is entirely yours, those clever tricks really make gamblers stay on a live casino website a little bit longer.

Loyalty programs at live casino

Loyalty programs are probably a most effective way to encourage players to spend more money on betting. As you place more bets on slot machines and other casino games, your status as a player goes up. A higher status entitles you to more generous bonuses to spend on bets. A lucrative loyalty program can be a powerful encouragement for die-hard gamblers.

Live casino bonuses

At most live casinos, any new client receives a bonus on their first deposit. However, bonuses are not entirely free, and a player is given 30 to 60 days to clear their bonus. As a player is fulfilling wagering requirements, they are getting more and more involved in gambling.

Live Casino Tricks

Some sly live casinos, however, offer a welcome bonus on the first two or three deposits. This trick makes players spend even more time clearing the bonuses.

Special offers at live casino online

Special offers are yet another way to get deeper into players’ pockets. Live casinos offer weekly slot tournaments, exciting lotteries among real-money players, progressive jackpots, and many more.

Most players find special offers quite attractive, especially when they are absolutely free and do not need money investments.

Any special offer has a catchy feature that makes it stand out among similar offers at other live casinos.

Live casino slots

The list of live casino tricks would be incomplete without mentioning slot machines.

If you have spent at least 10 minutes playing online slots, you must know how hard – almost impossible – it is to stop. Repeating sounds, spinning symbols, and frequent payouts make you go into a trance-like state, where all you want is to keep pressing “Play.”

Slot machines have a great captivating power. They may have a bigger impact on a player’s mind than all other live casino tricks combined. No other live casino game can compare to slots.

Live casino emails

Live casino online uses newsletters to inform its clients about new games, special offers, and other updates. It’s important, however, not to go overboard as too frequent emails may drive clients away.