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What Online Live Casinos With Real Dealers Offer?


Hardly anyone will argue that real dealer makes casino games much more interesting. Even if players don't place big bets, real dealer at live casino table is making playing process more exciting. And live casino games have no competition if we are talking about betting big. There's no sense in playing using computer programs if you can play live casino games.

Pseudo Real Dealers

That's interesting, but presence of a dealer doesn't guarantee that live casino game is really "live".

At some online live casinos instead of real people there are computer dealers. It's obvious that such games have nothing common with live casino games. And even though modern technology is quite developed to create computer dealer, which is almost no different from real human, such games won't give players new impressions or pleasure. Moreover, live casino players won't be able to communicate with their computer dealers.

Live Casinos Offers

One more form of a pseudo live casino game involves a real dealer, but that dealer has only one function - talking to the player while all processes are performed by the program. This option is better than previous, since real person is involved in this case, and video streaming is used. But it's still not a 100% live casino game.

Real Live Casino Games

Live casino dealer should not only talk to players, but also run the game while standing at a real table. If we are talking about roulette, then roulette wheel and a ball are a must. Live casino black jack requires card decks and a shuffling machine.

Player should feel like he or she is inside a land based casino. If all mentioned above conditions are met, live casino customers will get what they expected to get.

Live Casino Ethics

There might be several players at one live casino table. If they want, they always can start talking to each other, but only if they don't break live casino rules. For example, black jack players can't share information about their cards with other participants.

Following ethics rules is necessary, especially towards live casino dealers. Usually live casino dealers are good looking ladies. No one will criticize you if you give them a compliment or even several compliments, but there should be no vulgar talks. Live casino dealer has the right to end the game if player isn't behaving well.